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Ryu VS Scorpion


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  1. alove them both but anybody who says ryu sucks or scorpion was gonna win obviously needs to killthem selves for bein so damn stupid. fight coulda gone either way

  2. @eletricman43 Sir the world juss called and said “ For making such a comment We will now ship you off to unicorn planet..nvr in years will SF be better than MK thank you have a niice liife on gay planet“ II agree with the world

  3. What!
    How can this be? Oh, right…The maker of this video must like Street Fighter better. So much for no bias in your fights, douche bag.
    How can anyone like that toony bullshit over MK? This is the kinda shit that pisses me off. Obviously Scorpion could wipe any of those Street Fighters from the face of the universe. Aren’t we all forgetting that Scorpion is immortal…he will be back, and he will be very upset.

  4. @Klavier922 thats why no one likes mortal kombat, they make their characters immortal…. yeah thats clever, make a character that can never die or lose… lots of interesting possibilities there…. GAAAY! street fighter characters kick absolute ass! mortal kombats okay but street fighter is king! if i saw you i’d hadouken your fat ass! your such a mortal kombat geek you must be the fattest man alive! am i right? thought so….

  5. @DrUpthebum Well, damn, dude. Had to get all personal. You must really like Street Fighter…
    Whether it be gay or not…Scorpion is still immortal…and would easily kill that Ryu fag…
    Oh yeah…did you know it’s impossible to do a hadouken in real life? Right, and I’m the geek…
    And I guess it’s easier to be a karate bad-ass over youtube…

  6. I lov mortal kombat but street fighter obviously wins i mean these street fighter can have amazing powers oh n ppl who say „oh you cant do a hadoken in real life“ street figther is more real then mortal kombat where the hell do you see a thunder god or a guy that shoots ice that is no where near real life

  7. This could possibly be one of the most immature arguments I have ever had in my life…People arguing over fictitious figures is quite ridiculous…I know I’m not much better, but damn. This is just getting stupid…for real…

  8. This was constructed right? not using any kind of game program like MUGEN right? Don’t get me wrong, wither way wouldn’t make this vid any less bad ass, but it looks waaaay too constructed to be real.

  9. @OrenJiBoiZu Klavier922 is right, people ARE arguing for fictitious figures and it IS ridicules. Your one of those people. I only thing I care about the sickass fighting nothing else, I don’t care who wins or dies.

  10. @Dragonmaster146

  11. @OrenJiBoiZu Your acting immature,dude. Telling someone else that there foolish makes you weak. I’m was expressing my thats about yours and others comments. And hello, this is youtube. You are free to express your thoughts and AGREE with OTHERS on youtube.

  12. Look, I don’t knowwhich character is better or worse but I do know that Klavier922, Dragonmaster146, OrenJiBoiZu, HeoCon, lilsed, and whiteshadow all wank to dogfart and know their mums get stretched out by hung studs HUH!

  13. This was an epioc battle, but he ending of it was something o be admired. The way Akuma jumped in to save his follower, and future successor, made me clap my hands!

  14. Ryu couldnt win because scorpion is immortal. Scorpion can never die. Ryu is a mortal. Anyways even if scorpion wasn’t immortal scorpion would easily win. MK all da way

  15. @didier0894 But he can get his ass kicked, Bison with the psycho drive could keep rebuilding his body and got his ass kicked. Moloch and Drahmin were kicking scorpion’s ass. Johnny Cage beat Shinnok, in MK gods and immortals lose all of the time.

  16. @darthvader22 I have a hard time thinking of a MK character that could take Shin Bison, Akuma, Evil Ryu or Gouken.

    Also, are you saying that even a character as useless as Stryker could take Chun-Li or Guile?

  17. @WOLFYBOYRPR Yeah, the MK movie was a little better than the SF movie, but so what? They were both pretty stupid. Ultimately it comes down to the games and I’ll always choose SF based on that. SF III: Third Strike is about as perfect as a 2D fighting game can be.

  18. @printthelegends ooh yeah that was a good one 😛
    but if u follow E3 mk 4 is said to rape sf 4 and all other games like that 😛
    ill love to see how it goes ^^

  19. well alot of sf 4’s mlg pro’s are saying that thay are going to switch to mk4 😛
    and the guys at machinima say that its much better soo i think that it will be gr8

  20. @printthelegends well alot of sf 4’s mlg pro’s are saying that thay are going to switch to mk4 😛
    and the guys at machinima say that its much better soo i think that it will be gr8

  21. @WOLFYBOYRPR I always thought Mortal Kombat’s older and newer games all played awfully. The only reason people liked it back in the day is because of the gore, and teenager’s parents were against it so anyone who did have the game was seen as“cool“.

    Maybe MK4 will be better, but I have never liked any Mortal Kombat I have played and I doubt I’ll like this one.

  22. @didier0894 lol at the concept of being Immortal. You can cut his arms, legs and head off and stick them all in separate metal flight cases and drop them all in different oceans. Enjoy your immortality then. Seriously, you kids these days have obviously not spent enough time thinking about how to fuck with the undead. I feel embarrassed for you. 😉

  23. „Seriously, you kids these days have obviously not spent enough time thinking about how to fuck with the undead. I feel embarrassed for you. ;)“


  24. @WOLFYBOYRPR Well I guess it’s all just opinion then. Old street fighter games are awesome. If I went to an arcade right now I’d love to play some classic Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, or Street Fighter Third Strike, or maybe some Street Fighter Alpha 2 or 3.

  25. wouldn’t ryu have been killled by 1,2,3,4,5 spears pulling him limb from limb,and half the time it’s not going full speed on ryu,but this vid is still awesome.

  26. @PlatypusYSL : The Best fight I think now is Akuma Vs Chamelon . . . IF you havent seen it yet you have to immediatly….

    Im sorry This is no longer the top fight…..

    P.S. I would love to See a Deejay Dhalsim fight. Sorry I want to see the odd balls powerd up muegen superfight style….

  27. @bkaamanda

    and to all, THIS wasn’t a mugen. its a professionally done fight, made my a popular meem, as they call it, along with help and permission from capcom and mortal kombat makers that pitched in doing much work on the fight. Fantastic fight, ive seen over and over. good job.

  28. @SuperTrippyshit Those two are from the same clan, but from different races. The same applies to Scorp, Reptile, Ermac, Rain, etc. Thus, they have completely different abilities, unlike shitty SF karate-fags, whose only differences are body moves and color of fireballs. So stfu yourself.

  29. @TeePeeProductions Street fighter is a group of martial arts who practice honour. MK has a bunch of people who kill everyone they meet. This is a story of good vs evil. Good always wins. Its not a question of which game is better.

  30. Guys, isn’t it obvious why Akuma saved Ryu? If ANYONE is gonna to KILL RYU its gonna be Akuma and no one else.

    Also for the MK fanboys, get over it. Avut made the video, not you. If want scorpion to do the fatality on ruy, then you make a video.

  31. Didn’t like the ending. Should have been a) Ryu reach down, find some inner strength, shrug off being stunned and dragon punch scorpion to defeat b) have Akuma save him but say „the one to defeat Ryu shall be me and me only“ or something to that effect or c) Have Ken save Ryu, and than have them bump fists (Akuma would never be like that).

    Still it was overall awesome and kickass animation. Good job 😀

  32. Something that some people fail to understand is that the uploader didn’t claim credit for the vid, but simply posted it on Youtube so we wouldn’t have to go to newgrounds to watch it. Although it would’ve been nice to post credits to the original uploader.

    Also, what’s the name of the first song?

  33. I just synced this up with Mortal Kombat theme song, and dear god, it synced up almost perfectly. Just hit sync when you see fight on the screen with when the guy screams MORTAL KOMBAT!! the first time. lol awesome

  34. @shroomloser13 I thought of that the instant I saw Scorpion appear to have gotten killed. Just because he got exploded into nothing doesn’t mean he can’t rematerialize eventually. His evil spirit lives on and it will return.

  35. I like how you have such a nice dinamic fight, and yet people can’t comment on anything but the crappy ending and rage like fanboy nerds about it. Grow the fuck up dorks, or try and see if you can put something like this together yourselves.

  36. I love both series to death. But if you had to torture me in order for me to say which one I think is the best, I would say Street Fighter. But I think Scorpion is a tiny bit better than Ryu. Im favoriting this vid. Minor complaint though (very minor), Ken should have saved Ryu at the end. Not Akuma. It would make more sense story wise.

  37. Oh my god, best choreographed fight I’ve ever seen ! Some film directors should hire the makers of this video and pimp that pseudo eastern shit they call action movies nowadays…

  38. itsa about time that some one make a real game that is so epic ppl will crap there pants and i mean ST vs MK vs DC vs marble vs any other damn fighters that are just ficking awsome for the help of it >:D

  39. why does fucking faggot street fighter wins wtf ind the end homo shit wtf in mortal kombat theres is no mercy faggot fuck you and one more thing fucker scorpion can die dumbass noob street fighter fanboy

  40. great stuff really skilled was great from start to finish and dont you hate it when your opponent has a bit left in his life bar but he just wont die and whats worse you end up losing

  41. @sonyslilhelper There are 3 more episodes of this saga.In episode 2 and 3 Akuma is owned by Scorpion’s best friend:CHAMELEON(but in the end Ryu saves him.In episode 4 Scorpion returns to the final batlle against Ryu!

  42. @Uroboruss Actually, the real serie from Proxicide is MK vs SF 1 Ken vs Raiden and then there is an entire story for ep 2 and 3.(ep 2 Ryu vs Scorpion and ep 3 CHameleon vs SHin LV2 Akuma).
    Episode 4 is from a fan, but it’s not the same author.

  43. @001acidsnake mk is better? which version are you talking about first? the original which was just street fighter but with fatalities or the tekken clone these days?

  44. SF vs MK. Why the hell won’t they make it already, it will be better than marvel vs capcom, or MK vs DC. Make it already, maybe if everyone sends capcom and Ed Boon an email to make it, they’ll listen

  45. After all these years and this vid is still amazing. That background music and the part where Ryu dodges the majority of that „Spear storm“ Scorpion tossed at him gives me goosebumps. I just wish Ryu would’ve won without Akuma’s interference

  46. That was a pretty badass fight, but I think Scorpion would’ve won. Just my opinion, remember. Scorpion is also immortal, so he didn’t die… just to give some of the MK dudes that are flipping out some closure. Oh, and you should make a Ryu and whats-his-name vs Scorpion and Sub-Zero vid. Cause that would be badass.

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