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Inside of a Hard Drive


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  1. So in fact this noise that we hear coming from our hard drives everytime our computer process something comes from the mechanical „arm“ that moves quickly to gather data… interesting video!

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  4. Everything you see when you look at a computer is Memory. Everything the computer see’s are Proton’s and Neutron’s. Then it send’s these Proton’s and Neutron’s to the Memory card which turns it into something the human can understand. In other word’s a Proton is a type of positive magnetic charge, and a Neutron is a type of Neutral charge. Therefore a Proton = 1 and Neutron = 0. We call these zero’s and one’s: Binary. 😀

  5. @joshuamarius Thank you 🙂

    I’ve already decided to go with the lesser of the two evils and return the drive for a swap..

    I do however have 3 older ones lying around that i’m going to play with a little since they’re mostly useless anyway, and thanks for the advice, i’ve already taken in quite a lot of knowledge and useful tricks from videos and a few websites with guides and such.. time to see now if my old 100mb drive from 91′ can be brought back to life! ^^

  6. @GronTheMighty Repairing is not worth it if the drive is still under warranty. Just send it back for a new drive. If you wish to practice repairing drives, you can purchase a used Drive off eBay – take it apart and put it together. This replacement has to take place in a completely dust-free, environmentally controlled environment as the drive will not work if dust gets on the drive. It’s not a simple process and that’s the reason why data recovery is very expensive. Look up videos and see 🙂

  7. Just a quickie; i’m not experienced with working with a harddisk, though i have repaired many dvd/cd drives and a load of other electronics.. my girlfriend recently had her main drive fail, and all tests i run with it indicate that the reader head is stuck since it spins up, clicks as if attempting to move it but failing, and then emmidiately spins down, and the drive fails to detect in the BIOS.. should i attempt to fix if the warranty is still good? dare to give me odds of success? ^^

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