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Darth Vader Being a Jerk


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  1. Woops, sorry my iPod did not load all the comments so at first I thought that I was the first person to comment, rofl, lol, lmao :-d tryin to touch my nose with my tongue.

  2. You obviously stole this from the user Doomblake, this video was uploded in August, whereas Doomblakes was in June. Stop being an asshole and stealing his videos and credit.

  3. Here’s an ending i’d like:
    Vader: Yes, general?
    General: the rebels have stole your—
    Vader: Don’t wanna hear crap. * Closes the thing. *
    General: — Tampons..
    Vader: * Opens it * WHAT?!
    Geneal: * Walks out *
    Lmfaoo.. !

    Give me a second PLEASE!!!!
    I’m OK
    *I see the video again*

  5. @waffle1997 No, it’s really not.

    Videos of people being hurt, offensive stand-up comedians like Louis CK or Jim Norton. The song „I want to fuck you“. A lot of things in this world are hilarious, this is not.

    It’s not a matter of having my head up my ass, I am a person who loves me some comedy, this is just not funny.

  6. @blackrainuponus If you don’t find something funny, perhapse you should just move on instead of expending the energy to try and bring people down on what they percieve to be humorous.I’m in no way trying to limit your freedom of expression, I’m just saying there are better things to spend your time doing, other than killing a good mood.Bottomline,you’re only wasting your time that could be used doing something productive like making people feel good, rather than trying to make them feel foolish.

  7. you guys realize this was posted in 2006. This was when youtube was pretty new, and videos were being posted that people didnt create themselves all the time. so give this guy some slack. Who knew that youtube would become as big as it is now and people actually get famous from vids they create. All this guy prolly did was take a vid from a site and post it on youtube, thats what everyone did back then.

  8. @Totaly14 again it does not say the exact words this video is my video, and this video has no copyright user created videos have no copyright this isnt a movie its a video website

  9. @copking12 for gods sake! I never said it was a fkn movie, i used it as an example, freaking hell, I know we all have our opinions but you’re an idiot, i’m the same age as you and I’m clearly smarter than you.

  10. @copking12 „See MY other star wars video“ Other, claiming that this one is also his. Holy crap, stop replying now for gods sake!!! Show some friggen dignity, like i’m am. This is my last reply, leave me the hell alone!

  11. @Totaly14 he said see my other star wars videos he ment vids he uploaded not that he claims them IM RIGHT YOUR WRONG DEAL WITH IT WOMAN NOW GET IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A SANDWHICH NOW!!!!!!

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