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Think Before You Post


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  1. dude…… was a pic of her on the bed smiling…how did she regret posting that?? oo look at her! is that her room….eww pink….dude shes hot…i mean wtf could go wrong with a pic like that….but i get the point tho dont post stuff you dont want ppl u no to see (if u dont no them and u never meet them its for the best lol) kinda silly

  2. what the mindcontrolling central govt is trying to say: U got freedom of speech on the internet, but dont use it cause if u do they need to take ur ass to the freedom camps.

  3. Very true statement. What ever you put up, you can’t get take back. For those who saw it, can easily copy it and place it on a new blog of their own which will spread to more people. This needs to be shared so that people know that they only have once chance to do it right as to what they want and what they don’t want to put up for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to see.

  4. the underlining principle is the same – the Bible says, „You reap what you sow“. what you do has consequences that can affect you and others possibly for the rest of your lives, maybe for bad….innocent things could go terribly wrong in this dumb world! sucks-!

  5. Funny ad but seriously if kids are dumb enough to post pics of themselves that they don’t want others to see then they deserve to be masturbated to by dirty old janitors

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