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Lucky driver


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  1. @jeffs1000 Lol. Actually I think thats my teachers son! I dont know if its just a coincidence, but our teacher told us that a relative (his son I think) was learning to drive a train. The semi was crossing really slow and the engineer told him to slam on the brakes. He still couldnt stop and took out the rear end of the truck. Lol. Looks exactly like this video.

  2. It was?


    Are you a judge of train speed through industrial areas?

    The driver should have stopped and waited. Had he done so and followed the rules he would not have damaged his truck, the lading or the locomotive.

  3. well i’m glad to see you are so refined in your experience. Tell me, if your so intelligent, how come you don’t know that the saying is „couldn’t care less“ instead of „could care less“. Because, proclaiming you „could care less“ means, by definition, that you care a cetain amount and that you could indeed care less than you do. Someone who „couldn’t care less“ already cares nothing, and could not care less. Words mean something, Charlie, hang up the keyboard for our children’s sake.

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