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Impressive Great Sounds!


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  1. @gruppegutzeit
    do you mean those animated comic things where they get wings?! They are .. ridiculous yes.. I wonder who they imagine their target group to be, 6 year olds?!

  2. Not liked the article -dd you read it?! It’s full of bullshit!!
    The article coming from a „conspiracy theory/ criticise authority/ open your eyes“ kinda webpage – they should check the „information“ they are spreading. Pushing this kind of misinformation they are no better than the liars they are criticising, nor inspiring to critical thinking. Self-righteous hypocritical bastards, that’s why.
    Jesus btw, died nailed to a cross. My god carries a hammer. Cheerio.

  3. That „article“ is way too sensationalist for my liking and is not supplying any sources of information at all. Furthermore the claims about „Glucuronolactone“ have been proven false. Actually it is a naturally occurring chemical produced by the metabolism of glucose (sugar) in the human liver. That may be a pointer as how seriously to take that information. You might want to look at more critical/ analytical sources before believing a one-sided, levelled opinion.

  4. Not quite no.. It’s originally from Thailand. But yeah, the drink was somehow taken from there to Austria where the headoffice is now. Just hope the „inventor“ gets his fair share of the revenue..

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