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Dedicated to Aicha


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  1. @thejunkmonkey Well good news, I have friends who where in the same class as him, He made the video like 7 years ago, He is from Mechelen, Belgium and me and my brother were one of the first people to post it on the net, 2 days later it went viral and waddayaknow everybody knows him as the aicha kid. I can’t recall seeing this guy after the vid got viral. I just can’t rememberl his name though.

  2. @airboy014
    Thank you for being the most unintentionally funny person ever. If you can’t figure that out, that means, „I’m laughing at you, not with you.“

  3. @ropejr333 ur gay roper u are gay!!! this guy may be fag but he knows that himself u cant say a shit comme to sweden i fucking beat u up so u look like a inseide of an ass!!!!

  4. I think people can do what ever they want as long as they dont hurt other people in the process. What he does in his spare time is his business.

    But MAN he needs to hit the gym. Srsly im betting he could barely lift a milk package.

  5. I was OBSESSED with this video several years ago while in college and I just stumbled across it again.ο»Ώ I used to watch it over and over…it always brought a tear to my eye. Just the right balance of sweet innocence with a dash of nerdiness, made my heart flutter πŸ˜‰ Glad I found it again, ignore the idiots who have no appreciation for creativity and individuality. <3 Gellieman

  6. @xXRobeatXx
    The guy who is singing and dancing did something to hurt a girl , im not sure who
    but yeah he made her this video as an apology and she spammed it out to everyone and it got like 1 million hits in the first day .

  7. Oooooh wow. Been a while since I laughed to tears at something. No chin, acne and horrendous dance moves. And the worst decor ever. If you can’t sing, please don’t feel like you have to. In a recording. That could go public. Lesson learned I hope! At least I had a (and will have lots of) great laugh out of it.

  8. @CuistotTiJo i mean this with no offense but he does have a chin it is just rather small. secondly, his dance moves are phenomenal and foot work is incomparable. finally, you know mickey mouse sheets were in style u have to realize that this video came out a while ago when they were still fashionable.

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