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Classic: Street Drummer


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  1. wrdd this is sickk… if u listen closely you can hear that it kinda sounds like „peanut butter jelly time“ .. lmao i should try remixin this with peanut butter jelly time song

  2. I’ve watched this a hundred times and it never gets boring! It’s really hard to find a drum solo in Youtube that beats this one! His groove is amazing!

  3. @kx85bike why does someone always have to find great videos like this and be an absolute cock by posting stuff like that. Ya piece of racist shite.

  4. he wouldn’t be good on a drum set. He’s got mad speed, but hes also playing on plastic buckets. He’s doing something totally different. I say buy him more buckets to play with.

  5. @muncher43 , cuz guys like kx85bike are faceless cowards and looking for online trouble, cuz they’re not big man enough to do the same in the street. I say lets flagg the fag…

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