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Classic: Street Drummer


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  1. wrdd this is sickk… if u listen closely you can hear that it kinda sounds like „peanut butter jelly time“ .. lmao i should try remixin this with peanut butter jelly time song

  2. I’ve watched this a hundred times and it never gets boring! It’s really hard to find a drum solo in Youtube that beats this one! His groove is amazing!

  3. he wouldn’t be good on a drum set. He’s got mad speed, but hes also playing on plastic buckets. He’s doing something totally different. I say buy him more buckets to play with.

  4. @muncher43 , cuz guys like kx85bike are faceless cowards and looking for online trouble, cuz they’re not big man enough to do the same in the street. I say lets flagg the fag…

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