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I Pod introduction


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  1. thanks Steve for creating the ipod!

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  2. i wanna build a timemachine and bring my ipod nano 5g and say: -look at this damn ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can shoot video with this!!!! then i would show that ipod throw it in the wall and step on it and blow it up with nitroglyserine and blow those nerds up at the same time.

  3. I can’t believe this was only 9 years ago.
    It is extraordinary how far they have come. The Touch now holds 64GB, is small as hell has a beautiful color screen, plays music for days and is capable mini-laptop. The new iPhone release this summer will probably bring many of the features of the iPad to the iPhone.
    The only person that realizes the potential of the device here is Steve.

  4. I find it funny that in that mixture of CD’s at 3:20 that there’s a Beatles album is in there, considering Apple Inc and Apple Corp weren’t on good terms 😛

    Crazy how far we’ve come…love my iMac and iPod.

  5. Oh man, I wish Apple would of stuck with firewire than. Cause the USB is obviously slower. Damn, yeah it does take about 5 minutes to put a whole cd on to my iPod. Damn it Apple, I wish you stuck with firewire, because every Mac computer comes with firewire also!

  6. funny that in the presentation, one of the slides (the one with all the albums) has a Beatles album on it…yet 9 years later, STILL no beatles in the itunes store

  7. Actually, USB 2.0 is a little bit faster than FireWire. This was back in the days of USB 1.1, which was many times slower. Now the only thing Firewire has that USB doesn’t is the ability to control connected devices, like camcorders.

  8. It’s interesting to compare how the apple’s presentations were in that time, a little room (it looks like a school’s auditorium) with not many people. Now these events are huge and awaited!!

  9. damn, he is so skinny now. i know thats due to his surgery he had a while ago but damn. and damn! cd players cost $75 bucks then? you probably can buy them for like a buck now.

  10. What a moment. The freakin audience are so naive! Well, I guess no one really saw what was coming. Be sure to check out our iPhone reviews, and weekly Stupid App of the Week!

  11. Nice video! I like Steve Jobs, its amazing what he has done.
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  12. It is good to do something you love… I can highly recommend it… Steve’s right… he often is, check out his Stanford Commencement speech… inspired. Apple’s influence on my World has been off the richter scale… how about yours? Awesome… my favourite company… absurdly creative.

  13. ipod is an amazing product. not to steal steve’s comment, but this product is like giving a glass of water to somebody in hell, i was using some AWFUL AWFUL coby player.

  14. most harddrives back in 2000-2001, were usually 6gb-20gb only, so 5gb was pretty huge. my digital music collection was 18GB back then. and i was kind of dissapointed with the ipod in 2001

  15. help me! when i get a ipod nano will i have to format the battery? (drain the battery by using camera,playing games and stuff,then charge for 15-16 hours) i dont know….plz help!!

  16. @XVIIISlaughters he’s only allowed to leave his apple storage container during keynotes, this way he can continue he’s work well into the 25th century! (perhaps longer).

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  18. Apple products create an interesting paradox. Its a hell of alot easier and better than most other things on the market but I wouldn’t dream of buying any of their stuff because the prices are an absolute rape.

  19. @Scotsdave Oh I don’t know, I’ve had a £300 pound laptop for 11 years and my friend’s £1,200 iMac Fails in 4 months. I guess theres chance involved but for the price they charge I would want a 5 year gaurentee atleast.

  20. The New York Times Said on 2001 : iPod is Gonna Be a BIG BIG Fail, Is going to send Apple to Bakrupt. JAJA

    The New York Times Said on 80`s : Madonna is Not going to be here much time, If u want to be genereous, give her a Year.

    The New York Times Said : iPad is not a Good Product, its going to fail like all the tablets. JAJA

    The Next Time, i Will Not Read The New York Times xD

    Suck It Apple Haters, Apple Rock!, And Microsoft Dies…

  21. wright, history =) present – ipod most popular, iphone is the best ! u can think and tell everything about apple (iam a pc user, not mac, but about mobile, i want iphone 4 so much), but it is great, and would be so !

  22. I hate Steve jobs he stole my fuckin idea for the iPhone cus when I was like seven or eight I thought of a phone that was all touch screen and he stole it that’s y I will always hate him forever until I die

  23. im watching this commercial while staring at my iPhone 3GS and thinking, wow back then that was considered small and lightweight? lol, it doesn’t even have the touch sensitive pad on all the iPods today =D

  24. Brilliant people or genius what have you don’t worry about the same things average people do or the profane of mind sexual obsession material objects there own vanity usually don’t appeal to them only formulated and bringing to fruition the ideas of there soul thats all of there hopes dreams ambition and legend so this is why never changes appearance focus on other things he just lives rich in other ways

  25. @CORNHOLIOBEAVIS123 It’s not extremely noticeable in every song but trust me, there is a difference. 128 sounds a lot more tinny, it sounds like parts of the high end have been taken out (that exactly what has happened too). My girl friend is the same way, she can’t hear the difference to save her life, but I can and it bothers me.

  26. @Princessdaidai0711 you should have known someone was gonna make your idea come true anyway…………My invention is a internet web rbowser device were you can go on anywere and it is just like a desktop computer but it is super small and portable

  27. Its amazing he predicted the entire decade perfectly, he knew the brand was gonna take off before the thing even hit market. He probably sat down and mapped out their entire product line for 20 years in 2001.

  28. What I want to know is is Steve Jobs jeans and black shirt always the same? In other words have they been going 20 years plus, but washed regularily. Or are they new ones? Does he not have any other clothes? And …jeans are one of the oldest items of clothing ever – dating from 1735. How does wearing 1735 clothes tie in with leading edge electronic developments?

  29. i think apple is the best
    many users always see : features vs performance
    other mobile phones/music players may have features but they can beat apple’s performance

  30. I feel that Steve has done a great job projecting Apple as a leader in the market place. He’s also done a great job when it comes to reputation management with the IPhone. This is a great and very inspirational video. Thanks for posting it for us all.
    Steve Slepcevic

  31. @saxon48 Fanboy…I like both, Deffinately iPod touch is better than Zune HD because of apps, but I like the 2nd gen Zune better than iPod nano 4th gen, background customization and radio, and buy directly from device….but the ipod nano 5th gen probably is better now becasue now it has video recording and radio too

  32. @stunt111 I’ll start with the easy bit first, it is possible for it to skip because it uses a hard drive to store the Mp3’s and a hard drive is a disk. As for the time I can only assume that it means if you were to shake it for 20 minutes continuously it would not skip during that time. Of course there isn’t much that someone could be doing to make their iPod shake unintentionally for 20 minutes non stop so its a near impossibility that it will ever skip a track.

  33. Now there are 160 GB IPOD which costs about the same as this which can hold about 35.000 songs (in high quality). It’s spooky, because think about it: it’s like more than 5x the amount of songs you will listen in your entire life xD

  34. @GICTechTV i actualy like some of apple’s products but i dislike everything that they represent and come from. see, i bought an ipod back in 2007 and i really liked it and just recently the motherboard in it crashed and its dead. and now i refuse to give apple anymore money or support them.

  35. splendid record. I’ve got an iPad but i’ve approximately broke it from too much manipulation, but it’s been perfectly worth it.

    You can get a free one from this website though, hxxp://win-a-free-ipad.blogspot(dot)com you’ll just need to substitute the ‚xx‘ to ‚tt‘ but the only drawback is, it’s only for USA people… but it worked for me!

  36. @nosuchthingasgod That’s because the original iPod did suck. The likes of Creative were making models with double the capacity that were around the same size or smaller and cost considerably less. It wasn’t until around the 3rd generation, when they replaced Musicmatch with iTunes for Windows and the iTunes store that the iPod took off.

  37. @hajialibaig
    Have fun with you buggy/illegal computer, besides, genuine macs look awesome, and they have great support. Sure an iMac costs $2200 for a good quad core machine, but that’s a good price. Macs get more worth your money if you buy the more expensive ones. In closing, shut up.

  38. @ryzom125 lol are you a retard or something? PSP + Xbox 360S + PS3 + Wii are things you could buy with the $1200 bucks you’d safe from buying a superior Dell lappy than a fail macbook pro piece of shit

  39. 15 Inch Mac Book Pro = $2350
    15 Inch Dell Studio XPS = $1250 (has better CPU, RAM, Graphics, etc, etc)

    Desktop’s don’t have 8-9 wires running around…probably less than a shitty has shit tech support (look at iphone 4 antenna fail)

    Mac’s aren’t gaming machines cuz of one simple reason: there are no games for macs..suck on that

  40. @0neofthem you’re the one that is dumb! go to and you’ll see:

    pick 15 inch macbook pro with:
    2.66 GHz Core i7 Processor (dual core)
    4 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Memory
    500 GB 7200 RPM Harddisk
    1680×1050 screen
    Nvidia Geforce 330M video card => cost is $2350

    go to and go to dell studio xps 16 section and you’ll see:

    1.6 GHz (2.8 GHz Turbo Mode) core i7 QUAD CORE!
    same memory + harddisk + screen
    video card: ati radeon HD 5730! (150% better)
    cost: $1250! ..with better cpu+video + $1100

  41. @0neofthem part 2: and you know what’s funny: i am typing this on my snow leopard lol haha on my dell which probably will never run as fast on a mac book pro (cause apple doesn’t offer quad core i7 processors yet lol) and their 3rd generation video cards blow

    i just saved my self $1100 from which i got a ps3 + xbox 360s + wii + nintendo ds lol and still have a better laptop than your mac book pro + have mac os x running on it better than any apple laptop? you should do the same apply fanboi

  42. @0neofthem part 3: correction: dell studio xps display is actually 1920 x 1080 (FULL HD) yaaa baby

    compare that to apple mac book pro’s shitty 1680 x 1050 …wtf is that
    anyway: Dell laptop has better CPU, SCREEN, VIDEO CARD ….AND… $1100 cheaper (before taxes) – $1400+ after taxes


  43. Hey, Hajialibaig,

    I haven’t read your posts. But I wouldn’t by a PC for the life of me to put apple OSX and software in it. If you want a cheap computer buy a PC. They are great for gaming and such. If you want a classy computer that works by a Mac. Simple. Don’t buy a PC to put OSX on it?! Matter of fact i heard you can probably great a great deal on a Zune, Kin one or Kin two. Maybe you can put iOS on those?!

  44. @hajialibaig You’re acting like you’ve secretly discovered that Apple laptops are overpriced pieces of shit that you could buy elsewhere for half the price.

    We know, we get it, stop fucking posting about it.

  45. Did you guys here? Apple can shut down all jailbroken iPhones from a single remote. Now they just have to wait until it’s approved. Btw they can even see your face and voice if you have the iphone4

  46. @Jamiesuitor Look dude, you may know it, so what, go away. A lot of people out there I know have no clue about it and just get brainwashed by the media/apple ads. These comments are for them.

  47. what the fuck is all this talk abotu reciepies and all this fucking complicated technology by you a cheap fucking 20 dollar MP3 player and listen to ur goddamn music shit ppl are getting so fuckin stupid these days

  48. @CrazyMetalKidd This is quite humorous. You may have to look at the keyboard but can you not see the key with the full stop/period? This isn’t a case of how well you can type, even my 80 year old grandma who has barely used a computer can write better English than you.

  49. @MrDrewbies well thats fucking good for her man give her a medal or something next time u see her i think i could type fine but it would take 40 times as long because im just not good with a keyboard pats on ur grannies back for being better then me cause i just care so much

  50. want free apple products? go to (vv vv vv)(dot)apple(dot)freebiejeebies(dot)co(dot)uk/383065. it says 383065 at the back because i suggested it so i would appreciate if you signed up using my number so it will add to my account, i need 22 to sign up using my number for an ipad… :/ Anyway, if you do, this good luck because it will take a while. Thanks and good luck

  51. If you watch Steve Jobs nowadays it’s actually a bit shocking how much he has changed. He has aged so much in the last 10 years. He is so skinny now and his voice has gotten really high pitched too.


  53. Damn, that iPod was sikkkkkk when it first came out. I can’t believe it hasn’t even been beaten ONCE since it came out, the competition never even got close. That click-wheel is still the best thing about it.

  54. One thousand songs, a person’s entire music library. I’m not so sure of that. (says the person with over 20 gigs of music on their computer because they didn’t think to get a big enough mp3 player)

  55. OHLY CRAP 5 Gigabytes and .20 inches thick. It’s funny because after the third generation i think (don’t quote me on that) they dropped firewire and used usb 2.0. Also WTF no HD video playback it better have multitouch.

  56. I’m sorry but instead of looking at the Ipod I kept the entire time thinking… who on earth would choose that font to present an Apple product? But I’m glad Steve Jobs knows what he is saying because those slides were everything but apple design related! APPLE RUUULES 😀

  57. I have a serious question for all of you. I have an old ipod shuffle which I was planning to get rid of via burning. But I wanted to make sure there were no batteries inside it so i took a brick and smashed it in to the point where it came apart. There was a small bag inside of it that read „Do not throw into fire“ „Do not puncture“. Im wondering why this is? What was in that bag that was too dangerous to be thrown into a fire? I might have punctured it a little bit, so will anything bad

  58. happen to me? What would happen if i threw it into the fire? Is there some sort of chemical in there that could poison me? I think I did puncture it a little. Will I die or go blind? Seriously what is going to happen to me? Please someone respond I am kind of worried.

  59. @waresh12 Hah whats even crazier is that the first laptops to come out in like 85′ had like 172 KB…to put that into perspective…thats nearly 2 tenths of a MB…and there are 1000 MBs in one GB…they sell TB now that hold 1000 GB…lawl

  60. @acogscopepwn
    This though is a theatre on the Cupertino campus of Apple used for smaller press events. He’s also used it to launch the unibody Macbooks and glass/alluminium iMacs in 2007.

  61. @manoman0 , It’s not the product really.. It’s Steve Jobs.. You try giving him rusty nails and he’s gonna make you one hell of a billionaire out of it.. LOL

  62. @Sepharite Well, this presentation looks so small because it was a media event, which took place somewhere I don’t know. The big show is held at the opening of the yearly Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

  63. The bs just seems to come automatically — a true marketing pro. I refer (this time) to his „calculation“ about the various costs of portable music at the time.

    He says a CD player costs $75, 15 songs, so $5 / song. Bzzzt! This would be true if you were allowed one and only one CD in the player, obviously not the case.

    He is clearly plenty intelligent so not a simple math error. I think bs in support of one’s position just comes naturally to guys like Jobs.

  64. HELP ME OUT. 60gb IPOD Video. Just today i added 3 videos on there. I went to go watch them but the screen just stays black. Tried the Menu+select button Restart… didn’t work. my Tv Out setting is Off. My previous videos wont even play.
    They are all in the right format. Another interesting note. if i hold the fast forward button i can get the picture going but when i let go of fast forward it Stays Stuck on that image. It used to play videos. they work on itunes but not on ipod.

  65. 昔も今もジョブズ氏のプレゼンはかっこいいです。そしてこのipodから世の中がだいぶ変わったと思うとやっぱりジョブズ氏は偉人ですね

  66. @frosty689 lmao. are you retarded? since i dont even seem close to mad. lol. take your meds. it will help with your mental disability. and maybe you won’t sound as retarded.

  67. i love how no one applauds or cheers or anything.

    When MS DOS was invited, no one cheered.
    When The Beatles became a band, no one cheered.
    When Facebook & Myspace where created, no one cheered.
    And when iPod was created, no one cheered.

    So if you have an idea, share it and go with it even if no one is cheering. As long as you are cheering for yourself and you believe in your idea, that is what matters.

  68. @frosty689 lol. that comment didn’t even make sense you dumb shit. None of your comments make sense though. you are really making this too easy for me. I don’t blame you though. i understand that it’s your mental disability that’s causing you to act retarded.

  69. @chris978820 I had sex with your mom and your dad. You should be more concerned about which way your dad is swinging, how very odd. I’m not sure if your mother’s vagina was always so stretched, but it definitely is now. yoursoomaddbrocalmmdownnn

  70. @frosty689 lmao. I really don’t care which way my dad is swinging. His wife was in there also which makes it pretty normal. but you having sex with a 60 year old woman and a man just makes it unusual and gay every single way you look at it. I really hope you enjoyed having sex with them. lmao. I would’ve expected you to want to have sex with someone more your age but I won’t judge you if you prefer having sex with the elderly.

  71. @Yahwehsninja You know… I thought it was also interesting during the iPhone introduction that people clapped the least when he said „Breakthrough Internet Device“ which turns out to be the reason most love the thing (the apps)

  72. @frosty689 Hey buddy. I just wanted to let you know that your mothers vagina taste so sweet. My friends brother enjoyed it also. But you should tell your mom that next time she shares her body with local high schools she should charge fees if they want access to her vagina. Just a suggestion.

  73. Too bad he has become an elitist lunatic bashing all technology that he didn’t have the idea for. My iPhone 4 blows because of his arrogant design. Even his own engineers (you know, guys that understand science) claimed it was flawed. Yet his arrogance led it to be a faulty POS.

    He just comes up with an impossible idea, sends it to his engineers and if they cant get it in a year, he fires them and hires on new ones.

  74. LOL wow. that chart he had up with cost per song based on price of the player and ONE single storage medium. back then $150 for an MP3 CD player (which was much less even at the time) and you say 150 songs makes it $1/song?

    sure with one CD. back then blank CDs cost what a dollar each? maybe less? lets say you fill 10 CD-Rs with 150 MP3’s. add $10 to the player cost. $160, but now you have 1500 songs at a little over half the price of what jobs put for hard drive player.

    what a spinmaster.

  75. Is anybody else starting to think that Steve Jobs is cleverer than he seems?
    Apple is building a military robotics testing facility, yes, ‚Terminators‘.
    Hitler tried to take over the world, but failed.
    Now,In the 21st Century how would you go about taking control of the planet? That’s right start with the computers, get inside peoples heads, get inside their homes, what better way to spread propaganda and enter the subconscious. Cyborgs and Mind Control, start with the young and spread.

  76. I remember back in 1998, I applauded Apple but everyone thought I was a loser for picking them. In fact, they were 90 days from going bankrupt when Steve Jobs returned. Here we are 12 years later and look at how succesful they are. My only regret was I never invested in their stock

  77. welp, they did a pretty solid job at it. the ipod is pretty much the only mp3 player worth getting, full stop. there’s the zune, there are sony players, there are the irivers, but really the ipod is the only one that’s worth it.

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