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Washing Windows In The Wind Is Dangerous

Another Web-Classic via shazycrit…

Angry Birds On A Hacked ATM – Only in Russia

Weird and Scary Chemical Reaction (NH4Cr2O7 and HgSCN)

Why is this stuff growing tentacles faster than an alien? Weird powder. I wonder what it is producing if they use more than just a spoonful of that red stuff….

Apple – Press Info – Apple Increases Ipad With Retina Display To 128GB

Who needs an 128GB iPad anyways? Nobody. Since everything is heading into the cloud this appears as useless as rain. Anyways, for those of you with a lot of offline data this may be good news, for the rest, it appears as a pretty weird decision by apple. Via Apple – Press Info – Apple…

Top 10 Biggest And Best Jumps Ever

Donald Sherman Orders A Pizza Using A Talking Computer, Dec 4, 1974

The Useless Web

Take me to a useless website – This is the simple but direct claim of this service. It has dozens of useless, bad, weird, ridiculous sites in petto. Just click the link and get a WTF moment instantly. Weirdness guaranteed. Via

Weird Thai Song – Poifhai Man Tong Thon