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It is almost two years since I have uploaded this video. The outpouring messages that you guys have sent me have been very encouraging. Please keep them coming.

To answer some of your frequently asked questions:

1) I did not take the video. I have downloaded the clip days after the tsunami hit, and when I realised it is not on YouTube, I decided to put it here for the world to see

2) The video is shot at Sunset Bay, by local Thais. It is evident from the recorded voices. Not sure what they are saying though – if there is someone whom knew, please let me know

3) I can’t recall where I downloaded the clip from, so I can’t show proper copyright attribution on this page. If anyone knows about this, please message me. I don’t hold the copyright for this video, so you can use (or don’t use) the clip at your own discretion

4) I am tired of all the racist and insulting comments some of you viewers left on this video. It offends many, it irritates me, it does no one any good. So I am deactivating all comments on this page. If you want to comment on this video, please visit this page –

Please note that all comments are heavily moderated, and I won’t allow any nonsense to be posted.

About the clip:
Tsunami hit at sunset bay. Warning – gory images ahead

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