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Loosing A Cinnamon Challenge


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  2. I have to respect the fact that you had the guts to do this. Granted, it was funny to see you cough it up, but I respect the attempt. Plenty of people can’t even be bothered to try.

  3. @FirstStreetTV Kinda sick of these comments. You like the music you like for a reason and I like the music I like for a reason, just fuck off with it you’re not the one listening to the music so piss off and don’t worry about it, holyyy.

  4. i actually tried the cinnamon challenge and it’s not as easy as it looks. it’s very hard, the cinnamon gets really dry in your mouth and it’s hard to swallow and it burns too.

  5. @dhbogwd thats right. you have to avoid the 2 worst types of foods that stimulate more belly fat. look, you dont need to waste your money on expensive extreme fat burner pills or other bogus supplements if you could try this. if you wanna try just try now. >

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