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New Weird Dance Style From Africa – You Call It „Shake It Shake It“


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  1. 0:12 SEIZURE!
    0:22 SEIZURE!
    0:23 Please Don’t Kill Me! Please! + SEIZURE!
    0:24 SEIZURE!
    0:26 Tickled To Death By A Chicken!
    0:27 Ass Humping The Floor?
    0:28 Gay Floor SEIZURE!
    0:30 Group SEIZURE! + Fall Over!
    0:34 I Love The Dusty Ground! + SEIZURE!
    0:36 Group SEIZURE! + Fall Over! (again)
    0:40 Homo SEIZURE!
    0:42 Chicken Sucking A Dick.
    0:47 HELP HELP! I was using the grass the wipe my but and i fell and got stuck!
    0:48 Yeah! Brush My Boobs!

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