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Weird Guy Is Lookin‘ for a girlfriend


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  1. hey , my name is kelly and im 16 years old
    i live near you and im also looking for a lover
    i just saw your video and i was extremely arroused
    i think we should meet

  2. An excellent advertisement for why you should never smoke weed. When I was young drug users were creative musicians, poets, artists and free spirits, or at the very least students. Now drug users are people like this who have no motivation and little creativity, live with/off their parents and have mental health issues or teenage scroates who have shit lives, no self-respect and no prospects of improvement. It’s not an attractive lifestyle.

  3. Dude if you want a girl, i mean a proper nice girl that will give you „love“ as you put it. Take this fucking video down. Trust me man you’re destroying your own chances.

  4. you’re cool man. respect. no joke. cuz you got the balls to be up front and not give a fuck. hope life goes well for you and you get some motivation or something.

  5. I showed this video to my sister and she seemed really interested actually. Although, I should tell you that she’s severely disabled and Chinese. Plus she has hygiene issues and thinks she’s a dog. But, maybe you’ll work out?

  6. I can’t even lie. this guy is fuckin awsome!
    women you always say that honesty is the number 1 quality you look for in a guy, well here he is, THE MOST HONEST GUY ON THE PLANET!!
    so here’s your chance to prove that you’re not full of shit. hit him up!

  7. Thought I’d check out the video before watching the Tosh.O episode tomorrow.

    It’ll be funny if all the ppl that have been making fun of this video for the past year and a half, saying how much better they are than you for applying themselves and working hard, turn on their tv tomorrow after a rough day at the office, and see that you are on tv *because* of this video. lol.

  8. @MartinJWillett Lulz you look up to hippies? They smell like shit and just complain about stuff but never do anything
    Don’t bust on the new generation of weed smokers

  9. Lol kinda the creepiest shit i’ve ever seen,but gotta give him thumbs up for doing this cause most retard douches would rather online date lol

  10. stay tuned to the news theres‘ gonna be a newsflash about a guy caught with the torso of his girlfriend or some chick he stalked…this dude’s mugshot is gonna be flashing then.

  11. lol eheheh
    that’s cool, you say everything that you shouldn’t say to find a girlfriend, but by that seem honest xD
    But ladies, don’t worry he likes pink floyd, so wile the uncle is alive you can smoke weed whit a good soundtrack xD

  12. 10 seconds ago
    You fat lame ugly emo mother fucker get off ur fat ass and do something with ur life and if ur uncles so rich why is thier nothing that look like it has value in ur room

  13. This guy has a straightforward outlook on life.. I totally respect his honesty.. A schizophrenic, sociopath that looks like Eddie Munster.. 6 inches is at the high end of average..

  14. really get a life, even im on xbox about 8 hours a day and i haz lotza friends and i hope i find u dead with a dildo up your ass on the side of the road. hav fun

  15. ahahahahahaha! this guy is PATHETIC!!!! livin with his parents, no job, smokin weed, he dont care if his girlfriend fucks other guys. he is desperate! and the only reason i watched this is cuz of tosh.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol pathetic!!! thnx tosh.0, this WAS funny!

  16. Dude. i really think you are just pathetic…. Put down the pot, lose some weight, get a fucking job, actually work, move out of your parents house (which is really pathetic of you to still be there), buy a car, cut your freaking hair, not act like such a fag, and grow some balls to get a girl. I can’t imagine a freak that would date you.

  17. Get a fucking life u pussy ass bitch get a fucking job, your ugly as hell, nice hair, go die in a hole I can’t think of anyone who would date you, 6inch penis my ass, and PS. GET ON THE TREADMILL!!!! Fat ass.

  18. 20 years old…don’t want a job…likes to smoke weed….waiting for uncle to die….skitzofranic or however you spell it….bipolar….living with parents…oh ya girls will be lining up for you in no time. Get a life man

  19. Hello MR.Herp Derp this is rapist pretending to be a girl and i would love to rape/kill you and by that i mean love and care for you with a knife I MEAN HERPIES!!!!!

  20. Wow you are fucking Ugly! especially the hair dew you got going on WTF is up with that. the only way your going to get a girlfriend is if you get your Lazy Ass out of your chair and get outside and meet some girls!

  21. Jesus, your fucking stupid. „My dick is six inches, but that won’t matter because your probably not hot enough to get it up.“ Then you go on to say „So if you live in Michigan and your over 16, I’ll pork you.“

    Dude, your not as fucking cool or great as you think you are. People like you piss me off.

    I don’t fucking understand how anyone can like anyone that acts like you.

  22. @bluduk100 if he was desperate he would of made a better video.. and your making fun of him cause he smokes weed? fuck you. also your a lame ass for only seeing this because of tosh,0.. and hes schizophrenic of course he doesnt care if his giirlfiend fucks other guys you cunt

  23. not hot enough to get it up. lmao. you cant see it over your fat stomach once it is up bc it’s so small. you got a better chance of getting it on with a dog. try your local pound

  24. This is going to ruin your life you know. Probably when you do find someone you really love this is going to come back to haunt you. I’ll make sure to show this video to her to make sure too.

  25. Dude why didn’t you pick the girl you said looked like your ugly sister!? Just put a bag over her head and it would be all good, did you seriously find her ugly though or was tosh like say this???

  26. dude, you’re Catholic? Nice lol I’m Baptist. Honestly You’re fucking awesome, you’ve almost inspired me to do something like this..I also live in Michigan, where at are ya bro? Well not exact location

  27. Seriously, how the fuck do these girls find you attractive? No offence bro but all the shit you said is almost like a joke :p though I’m bipolar and skitzophrenic too

  28. Hey chris, wtf happened to you?!? btw way, it’s will from franklin. we had that art class with c. finger back in 2004. what the hell happened to you. i saw you on tosh and didn’t realize that it was you. Actually, lampley told me yesterday that you were the guy and i called bull shit on that. you were a skinny mother fucker back then.

  29. reply to me please please please please please please please please and did you find a girlfriend please reply please please please please please please please please it would be so cool if you did, if you did that means i talked to some one that talked to daniel tosh!!! please reply please please please

  30. omfg this is just fucking sad as hell to see a guy be like this tht he has to use youtube to try to find a GF….go on all those dating site not on youtube

  31. I hope you get back to me on this question because I am rather curious about something…and don’t worry…I am not wishing for your death or anything…(that was awkward statement…but I felt I should make that point…)

    Did being on Tosh.0 help with your dating life at all. I know the whole dating show in the web redemption was scripted…but did the air time help you out at all in your personal life?

  32. could you please respond to this? that would be awesome. i just wanna say that i love you. but im a guy. love in a bro way not gay cuz im straight. so very straight. sooooooooooo straight. i like boobs just sayinnnnn

  33. As the Pirate King, I have to say, come meet up with me any time. I’ll gladly put you out of your misery. I know the video’s a joke and all, or at least I hope it is, but it was still incredibly sad.


  35. I just wastched you on tosh.O and that i the only cool thing that you got from this. you should probably cut your hair and go outside more, learn how to throw ANYTHING and you could find a girl. YES EVEN YOU can find a girl if you take my advice. im no love guru, but i can almost bet that girls dont like you cause nobody now days has long hair. the haircut would do it. short fade with a #2 on the sides and finger length on top.

  36. i saw you on tosh.o ur and ignorant douch bag asking dumbass questions to really pretty girls and ur dick size doesnt mater cause ur face is like one those faces u want to punch maybe i wouldnt dislike u if u wherent such a douch bag that show ruined u u think ur badass but ur actually gay and this video made u even more less atractive and how could u say that about ur uncle thats fucked up andi hope he gives his money to somone who deserves it not some douchbag like you .

  37. @Trav13is lol fuckin everyone has long hair nowadays. Or at least a good portion of the population. And I would wear my hair short if I lost a lot of weight, but the long hair hides the fact that my face is so round and pudgey. Or at least detracts from it.

  38. you should cut your faggy devil lock off and lose some pounds, then stop playing Warcraft all day and get into sports, then quit being a faggy stoner and take up heavy drinking, then mabye just maybe you could score yourself a homely fat girl.

  39. @GravDiga Uhhhmmm Bitcch asss Motheer Fuckeerr Nonnee Wass Talkking to Youurr Ass So Shutt The Fucck Uhp And Listen To Yourrseelf A 20 Yeaar Olld Witth A 16 Yearr Oldd Thaat Sounds Likee A PedoPhile To Mee I Have My Opinion And You Have Yours And Dont Caal Me Fucking Retarded For Having Freedom And Stating My Opinion ….. Thaank Youuu (;

  40. @ilyrocioandbenedette damn you are stupid, read a book okay?
    acting stupid doesn’t really make a point Unless you are right… which you are..fucking moron!.. lol, thankyou? for what? express your opinion it’s still fucking wrong, peace.

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