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A Girls First Time Salvia Trip


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  1. haha i cant tell you how happy i am to see this. when i tried salvia i has absolutely NO WARNING as to what was going to happen. I FREakeD totally didntr expect it to actually work nvm so hard! lol but i swear this is what my trip looked like haha

  2. i have watched so many salvia trips and its so evident how sensitive their trips are on it. ive seen many people get fucked with and have a terrible experience, mad props for being nice to her and helpin her stay calm

  3. a note to whom think these guys are nice for not taking advantage… maybe one of them is her brother lol and they’re making a video .. I would think they, if they were like that, wouldn’t want to video tape themselves doing something illegal to her lol ..

  4. Be responsible with this. Its still somewhat legal. If you don’t think you can handle it then don’t do it. And if you still do then get more responsible people to sit with you and keep you calm, not jumping around and falling and shit.

  5. This is bad…. you should not smoke salvia witht those stupid friends… u need to be watched by serious ppl who tace care of u at any time insted being laughing all the time like… wtf…. to have a nice state of mind and trip.

  6. @justkillen07 yea it does man try smoking it in a pipe with a jet lighter (the temperature makes a difference) and keep inhaled untill you must exhale!!

  7. How is this funny? Not only is this sad, but it shows just how stupid todays youth are. What a bunch of followers… and you wonder why folks like you are broke!?! Get a job!!!

  8. This video makes me happy just to have been a nerd in high school. Wasting my time on video games instead of acting retarded on camera and frying brain cells

  9. @CommieKid LOL ur fucking retarted. Salvia doesnt fry your brain cells you dumb fuck. Salvia has absolutely no negative side effects on the health and most definitely can kill no brains cells!

  10. I JUST DISCOVERED SOMETHING!!!! Caffeine + Salvia = Even Crazier experience. I drank a lot of coffee, and then did Salvia 40x, it was freaken crazy. The experience lasted like 30 min instead of the normal 5 min and I was totally tripping balls the whole time.

    Then the next day, I did the same Salvia without caffeine, and the effect totally sucked! Try caffeine with Salvia and post your results!

  11. Why the hell are these videos not long enough to see them coming down, and talking about what it felt like? How can you watch a video like this and NOT be curious what she remembers about her trip?

  12. It might not last as long, but you can’t tell me these people’s minds aren’t temporarily „blown“. For a few minutes, they completely cease to function as normal human beings, and appear to be having an experience similar to that of a severely mentally disabled person. I don’t think that is something I want to experience myself. However, I am still interested „what’s going on behind the eyes“ of all these people while tripping.

  13. @shuttervox depending on the salvia you can be completely out of your mind or it can just make you feel a little funny which is super gay. it is definitely something to experience, literally an out of world experience that cannot be recreated without the substance. it doesnt „make you mentally disabled“ it takes your existing brain capacity and alters your perception of everything to complete amazement. πŸ˜€ to not experience it is really missing out of something one of a kind.

  14. @commerceskate „it doesn’t make you mentally disabled“‚ — But that’s just the point isn’t it… we have NO IDEA what it *does* feel like to be mentally disabled, do we? All we know is what it looks like. For all we know, mentally disabled people’s „perception of everything is altered to complete amazement“… permanently.

  15. no the best thing to do is smoking weed 2 hours before hand once you start burnin out from the weed take a salvia hit out a bong. about 15 minutes later youll snap into reality and things still are crazy because it ups your high but increases your trip. trust me il never go anywhere near salvia after that happened because it was that insane and in the process i drank monster whitch is high in caffene which makes your trip crazy.

  16. @shuttervox yes, but the drug is not altering a mentally disabled brain. the beginning state before taking salvia is a healthy normal brain (in most cases haha) however that has nothing to do with the fact that is an amazing experience that should not be denied. you’re going to miss a lot of experiences in life making up excuses as to why you are too superior to try something. whether its salvia or anything else. and salvia, like i said, is something that cannot be recreated by anything else

  17. @shuttervox you say you are interested in what is going on „behind the eyes“ of all these people. i can try my best to explain it. everything that is, is no longer. its not that you are dumb, but everything around you is dumb. everything should be something else, and some things, should be no more. you see things, and think that doesnt make any sense. and you can literally enter another realm, dimension, world, or place. like when i took it out in some oridinary forest, it temporarily becam

  18. @shuttervox e the amazon forest, not specifically but it felt like a jungle with no purpose and i was lost forever (until it wore off haha). and in almost all cases, sense nothing around you makes sense, you just dont know what to do! i conclude by saying, i love you salvia. ha

  19. @commerceskate First, the fact that it is not altering an abnormal brain is beside the point. I am considering the brain of a brain damaged person *already“ altered. Is there any way of knowing what it feels like to be brain damaged person? If not, for all we know it might feel like salvia. They certainly appear similar.

    Second, I am not avoiding salvia becuase I feel „too superior“. I have no criticism of the drug or it’s users whatsoever. I am simply a curious coward.

  20. @ABEL21STALLIONS No bad comedown, I would recommend having someone who has experience, with hallucinogens. Make sure the babysitter will not take advantage of you, you must be able to trust this person. When you start to take a hit keep in your mind to stay seated, do not be afraid, and have fun. If you are afraid don’t take it. Also do not over stimulate your self to force an experience. The after effects of salvia are increased mood and a feeling of euphoria.

  21. she left it out to early when she said yeah then it took effect and she laughed and it all came out shouldv left it in 4 longer lol good shit tho she looked like a zombie

  22. @lachiemusic It just doesn’t seem fun at all. Every video I watch it looks like the person is on the verge of a huge panic attack or some kind of psychotic break down.

  23. @hthrvrgn I smoked salvia a couple of times. Back in ’06 I went through a nasty dry spell in which I couldn’t find any green, so I went to a shop and got salvia. I’ve smoked weed for well over 12 years and I was NOT prepared for what the salvia did to me. I felt trapped inside my own body and all I wanted to do was crawl out of it. It was not a fun experience for me. I’d be careful about trying it because I assure you, whatever you think the trip is like is, you’ll still never be prepared.

  24. And that’s exactly what it does to you. That’s exactly what it did to me. It just basically makes you fucking retarded for like five minutes. Visual and auditory hallucinations. But you can hurt yourself if someone isn’t watching you. I will never smoke Salvia ever again. It scared the shit out of me. Alot of people say it doesn’t do anything to them. It didn’t do anything to me the first time. Then I realized that I hadn’t gotten enough in me to do anything. The second time I did it…oh god.

  25. @XxMissPlatinumxX
    If it didn’t make you act like this. You didn’t get enough of it in your system. Because this is exactly what it did to me. First time I did it…nothing…second time…I inhaled alot quickly. ..and then i was full retard for like five minutes or so. Couldn’t talk, couldn’t figure out how to get back in my house. Horrible.

  26. !agrayson12 actually I did get enough into my system. Might be cause I was drunk while I done it… But I didnt act like a retard, I always laugh like crazy when I’m high, and the only weird thing I done was talk about hondas being random things. Nothing like that. Maybe you people just have a low tolerence? cause I used to smoke it all the time

  27. @wystan73 why are you even comparing the two? That’s like saying „coke works fine for me“. There are people who experiment with different forms of drugs. Why the fuck would you even smoke weed? It kills your energy making you shit tired, it makes you crazy hungry and on top of that…paranoid as fuck. There are plenty of drugs that „work fine“ for me, but exposing myself to the different sensations are awesome.The reason you think weed is the shit is because you probably haven’t done many drugs.

  28. Ignorant people! Why don’t they eat some Brugmansia while their at it and have such a frightening trip that they might learn to stay away from hallucinogens that they have no business messing with!

  29. @sdkid90 TMI. Its legal in most states, just like drinking beer or coffee. Wouldn’t matter anyways. They can’t tell what is in the pipe by looking and can’t do shit if it doesn’t come up on a drug test (because they don’t test for salvia as its legal) Besides, didn’t YOU ever do this as a teen? C’mon, tell the truth…..:)

  30. lol, listening too any music whle on salvia isnt a good idea. I thought itd help, but no. Turns out the less that your brain has too register the better it goes.

  31. @airbrush4you Its salvia, not the devils apple seeds. Dont be such a fuckin nazi. Salvia only lasts a little while, well the main high anyways, so its not so bad.

  32. @metalklown

    Oh really?
    Here’s what my friend told me and he IS a horticulture expert and a certified nurseryman: „This Salvia divinorum is not really worth messing with. It came on the scene about 10 years ago which is really fairly recent. It can STOP YOUR HEART. YES, it can cause cardiac arrest!!! It is a powerful hallucinogen from south central America and has been used in ritualistic Indian religious rituals for thousands of years.

  33. @airbrush4you

    He also added: „It is also a powerfull stimulant as well, which is where the danger comes from. I heard a story that the Maya used it among other herbs to get you into the right mood just befor they cut your heart out!“




    will appreciate if you comment and rate! this needs to go around its too funny

  35. @airbrush4you How can you say ppl have no business messing with something, its down to the individual if they want to explore a mind altering substance. Its not for everyone, some ppl cant handle the profoundness of the experience and struggle to leave what they percieve as reality in their mind. They try to fight it and thuis have a bad experience.

  36. Im weary of these videos were ppl take it and start laughing and shouting and moving around, a real breakthrough hit should leave you plastered to the spot unable to speak, it takes you out of this reality and its not until midway through the trip you start to see your actual surroundings. And when that happens, what you can see is unbelievable, its as though you can see inside things, like another dimension and that is the lighter part of the trip. Pipes dont hit you hard enough, try a bucket

  37. Salvia is my favorite herb, when taken under the right conditions/environment results can be amazing. That being said it could not have taken in any worse conditions here. People talking, clapping, laughing at you, camera pointed in your face.. Well if it not illegalized where you live yet, with video’s like this it soon will be…

  38. @Daddyshady213 You have successfully proved that you are incredibly ignorant AND a dumbass. How exactly are we endangering our lives by smoking salvia? And where did any of us begin to glorify use of crack or heroin? Also, anyone who is actually open minded about drugs rather than some scared christian douchebag like yourself, would know what they are doing to their brains and their bodies. You are making yourself sound like a very uneducated idiot spewing your christian babble. Get off youtube

  39. @rustyeffect First of all. i am not Christian,and the things im saying are not meant to be Biblical either. do you even know how to read? or has all your drug abuse caused brain damage already? dude.. scroll up i said if you „‚idiots“‚ meaning anyone doing drugs not any person in specific. second i am educated self that is. and obviously your not or perhaps your just one of these ridiculous drug users who claim to know it all yet know nothing.

  40. @Daddyshady213 qualities. Exact same thing goes with marijuana. There has been ZERO, count them ZERO cases of cancer caused by smoking marijuana (it has NO niccotine, NO formaldehyde, NO benzyne which are all in tobacco, yet that’s legal.) Nobody’s ever smoked a joint and then gone home and beaten their wife or childre, nor has anyone ever smoked a bowl and driven through a crowd of people.) Yet alcohol is legal and these are effects of it on a daily basis. Oh yeah and as for brain problems…

  41. @Daddyshady213 your brain has receptors SPECIFICALLY MEANT for THC. Cannabis used to be a MAIN STAPLE for people (just like corn, cotton, etc.) and because we used to eat cannabis on a regular basis our body has developed a receptor in the brain that is SPECIFICALLY meant for cannabinoids. If you don’t believe me, reasearch it, find a neurologist & see what they have to say about it. I’ve spoken to several and they ALL say the SAME THING. Pots good, liquor, tylenol and advil VERY bad

  42. i had a blast for the 1st probably last tonight:) thought it was going to be not much but feck me! what a head ! was making dinner when a mate came in for a wee smoke for me πŸ™‚ not the stoned head i was expectin:)

  43. @BoosieBoosieBoosie I would not do that if I was you dumbass.. hahah your suppose to smoke it through a water pipe.. either bong or bub or something.. be a man and take gravs of it guy.. lol

  44. Incicents like these are the reason that many drugs that are by nature harmless or create no physical addiction what so ever, being banned because stupid people believe that getting highο»Ώ is fun. Many famous civilizations used to and still do use entheogen type of drugs like Psilocybin&Psilocyin, LSD, Meskaline, Salvorin A, THC, for religious and in general spiritual reasons, many scientists, doctors& educated people in general for exploritation of their one nature.

  45. @jocelynmmlkuntz I disagree that this is about „having a good time“, or „being natural“; its about experiencing something completely different, for about five minutes. Very few people…enjoy it, exactly, but its definitely a, you know, complete ego-loss. Sure, its not addictive, but its not exactly something you want to do after a rough shift at the mill, you know? Hah.

  46. As funny as that was to watch, it’s good to know you guys were there for her. So many videos go out with people that do not handle their friends trips well at all. Thumbs up gentlemen!

  47. Haha that looks pretty fun. Does anyone know if it would be saffe to just smoke the plant by itself? Cause i know someone who has it in their backyard and i’ve been thinking about trying it

  48. @dougfunny89 No I don’t think they are faking cause last night I tried this shit for the very first time in my life. and it hit me as soon as I blew it out. It’s different for everyone on how they feel but to me i was going crazy then my friend went in the bath tub and thought she was in the ocean getting chased by sharks. it only last for about 10-15 minutes most of the time.

  49. @ownzorz610
    There is no absolute reality or ’natural‘. We set reality by taking our sober perception as a constant. But that very definition of reality changes when under the influence. There is no real ’natural‘ or ‚unnatural‘

  50. @dougfunny89
    it’s pretty fast. it really does hit you like that. you’ll hit the bong, hold the smoke and that shit sneaks up on you HARD. the first thing you notice is your tongue becomes somewhat numb and then your head rolls. its hard to describe but what she just experienced was legit from what i can see.
    there’s a lot of videos on youtube where ppl oversell it. i smoked 120x and had a wonderful trip, my friend had a horrible one. he thought he was in a coffin going off a waterfall

  51. I love the giggles you get when you first hit this stuff. A friend of mine took a hit off a bong, passed it to me and immediately tried to take it back. He completely forgot he passed it to me lol. This stuff is the tits. Saying that, a mate of mine had a bad trip and started screaming blue murder cus he thought we were trying to kill him. Hit and miss I suppose.

  52. salvia is ilegal here in Oh an now acros th river in Ky. I don get it, if I wan smoke it I shuld b able 2. (i hav several times) lik dam worry bout Uself, an not Me an my herbs. I got caught in Tennesse wit lika half baga bud an got Arrested an Fined thousands of $’s ana yr on probation. Wher im from (Cincinnati) every1 I kno who got caught wit possession only got lil ticket 4 Bud. F Tenn.ο»Ώ dude I been blazin on daily since 13 now 21 an managed ta get caught ther in th 1st 5 hrs ona roadtrip.:(

  53. @ionicfoehammer Ok, there bud, I’m a tool. I don’t drink, do prescription or hard drugs. I’m a 22 year old female & am the manager of the West Coast Smokers Corner Locations…oh wait, sorry…I’ve been smoking for 8+ years, not 10. I own property in the British Columbia Mountains & I fully support myself & my 3 cats & still manage to help out my boyfriend, friends & family.
    P.S.: I’m a VERY logical & rational person. Try going & doing something productive with your time instead of harrass me.

  54. Haha trying to talk is so ridiculous on salivia. I remember my first time, hearing the shit that came out of my mouth, trying to tell my friends what was going on. They started cracking up, which made me fucking laugh so hard it hurt. Good times!

  55. lol my friends first trip he thought he was an airplane and started to run around the woods and tripped over the tent we were camping in, the best part was that he didnt remember it at all

  56. lol dont listen to nirvana on salvia! wtf! listen to nirvana in sober time or drunk time not salvia time d-bags. its all about the sub-contious and the very very shallow reality, they will combine to form your trip ( idiots dont listen to rock music on saliva – this is from a punk rocker)

  57. @bortion –
    no, yeah listen to early 2000 pop music youll be juuust fine =) juust fine, your girlfriend is NOT running down the hall way cabel guy style, shhh its all okay 5minutes till the next exit..dont need to hear from the nation d-bag co-alliance for a drug free america on this – fratards @ @ @. run to great britian ya bellend

  58. Damn she is fucked up! FUCK THAT i was thinking about heading to my HEAd shop to pick some up for this weekend…I’m down to do hallucinogens, acid, shrooms, dmt, but this shit just seems like every youtube video turns out to either be fun at the moment then start leading into a bad trip, or just a bad trip fuck that you look retarded too, and act at that while on this shit

  59. @TokyoMikey from experience one salvia trip was enough, its different but not very enjoyable as you can tell, and it tastes horrible, stick with weed shrooms lcd mescaline etc.

  60. @Digthisfool hell yeah man thanks for your put into it. I was debating if i wanted to go today or not to get some, and i figured nah fuck that might as well get 4g’s of shrooms compared to $50 of mine towards salvia.

  61. i love it hows all the guys, including me, and wether you deny it or not, u know you all thought “ man i bet i could fuck her in that state“ i know you thought it! ha ha ha

  62. salvia’s fuckin quality, it will be a sad day when it’sο»Ώ banned..
    GotSalvia(dot)com is having a sale so stock up my friends…. Coupon code sallyd10 should still work

  63. @sh4p3shifter While on Salvia, I doubt she’d notice. But she did it in the wrong environment, supposed to keep your eyes closed in a dark room. That’s what I’ve found. Don’t crucify me if I’m wrong.

  64. @MsOCD1 i dont get how people like you cant be open to experiencing something so damn weird. ok if you dont wanna do it yourself, but good trip or bad, its still an extraordinary only have one life, my opinion is that i wanna experience it to the full. its not about losing all self respect and pride..people do worse when they’re drunk. about 6 mins after this vid she would have been totally normal again. dont be so judgemental dude.

  65. @ReaTank Yeah, about six minutes after she did this she’d be normal. You’re right about that, but this video is on here permanently. She will never get to outgrow this.

  66. @Airofperil she seemed to know it was being filmed at the start. it was clearly her mates filmin it so she prob knew it was goin on youtube. thats her choice if she wants it on the net or not. and..its kinda not like she’s worldwide famous for her CRAZY ways…youtube has a fair few videos dude..i doubt anyone would even recognise her on the street so shes hardly got much to worry about….ya big square you! lol

  67. thank you guys for not touching her and fucking up her trip, giving her her space to not feel clostrophobic or paranoid and to feel completely free which is how you should feel when doing this, you guys did it right

  68. @66jesko i guess if you want to look at it that way. salvia is better when you totally isolate yourself from both people, noise, and any other outside influence. its best uses are meditative, and for internal trips

  69. Paused at :40, damn I wonder what’s going on there. Don’t there souls like leave their body? I hate to see people laughing at their friends when they are on this stuff. It really shows how ignorant people are.

  70. @donnygoat are you kidding me? theres a right way and wrong way to do things, ive seen to many videos of people misusing salvia like its some kind of party entertainment. What am i posing about? I believe if you do something good that other people should follow that lead, salvia is something that has gotten a bad reputation due to misuse, so what the fuck is your problem?

  71. It is much more enjoyable when you just lay down and close your eyes,, you can see the music in it’s fullest, and it’s the feeling of being on a shamanic journey, only it’s much easier to attain. Respect the salvia

  72. @xvoy2002 i highly doubt she was forced or peer pressured into it she clearly looks like she regularly smokes weed, so please shut up you fuckin idiot she did this to herself they looked after her.

  73. @ryanc0llins Oh,, thats a good comment you made. You sound like a primary school person. „clearly looks like she regularly smokes weed„… yes, of course you can tell by looking that someone is a regular pot smoker.
    Apparently your lack of education is showing.

  74. @xvoy2002

    what are u talking about?? does what to them?? they are all partaking in a psychedelic experience probably one at a time and looking after each other….salvia is completely 100% safe and leaves your system in less than 15 minutes….please crawl in a hole and go away,..

  75. @FUdirtbag eh no but it doesnt matter, it doesnt make me any dumber neighter hehe. Atleast im smart enough not to take a drug that makes my behavior be dumber than a monkey with downs syndrom. Im not english and that doesnt matter neighter, you understand what i mean.

  76. @Troforso Wong perception mate. This is an herb that dates back many hundred years. it ain’t a party drug. it is a naturally occurring dissociative plant that takes you from yourself, on a short journey inside a realm. Its beautiful. u shud try it before u come to any conclusions about it… trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve done before! and its safe, but do it in a nice, peaceful setting with rusted aides. you cant go wrong πŸ™‚

  77. @babalouie555 every herb dates back more then hundred years. What bunch of bullshitt, a beutyrealm?? i have seen folks get fucked up and tripping reall bad of this drug, doesnt look any funn. What you say they say about many drugs, aint saying i dont belive in life after death etc, but what your talking about is crazy, sound like a guy or two i know. Dont want to sound rude but theese drugs make people live in a fairytaleworld.

  78. @Troforso lollll. i’d rather u try salvia and then say. coz these youtube vids often give one a wrong idea, bcoz u r shaken when u do salvia. it looks terribly wrong in the videos but it isnt. a positive drug story is what i think u shud delve on , not these crackpot videos!

  79. @WhittyKittyX3 You are actually retarded, do some research you’ll find this isn’t harmful. In fact, there are studies out there that show Salvia helps with Alzheimer’s, and several other shitty diseases like that. Don’t buy into the hype that the media, your parents, and the government tell you because a lot of everything that those three will tell you are lies. A trifecta of lies will be spewed from their mouths to keep you ‚clean‘. Salvia and shrooms both ‚god‘ made don’t show up in drug tests

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