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Rain for someone special


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  1. Sweet JESUS! that was powerful! i hear a clank sound was it the camera glitched or you jumped out of your shoes, dang you need to put the camera in a perfect still position to get the shot right.

  2. Hmm I do also notice when you turn left i could see a small flash to the right, did that cause your attention to turn back and then see that HUGE flash? lol im so curious was that really a Tornado?…and did you hear the BOOM of the Thunder after that flash? it did look sweet if you would of had a better cam it sure look awsome, where did this happened?

  3. yep, saw a small flash… nope… wasn’t a tornado, just a downfall of rain in the distance…. this was in Arizona.. we have Monsoon season from July to September and this was one of the storms we had.

  4. Crap a downfall, it was a MICROBURSTO.O AWsome…you dont see those everyday and on broddaylight how far did it look to you?, and did you see like a slow movement as it was falling down?

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