Iphone 6 Plus Vs 6 Vs 5s Vs 5c Vs 5 Vs 4s Vs 4 Vs 3gs Vs 3g Vs 2g Speed Comparison Test

브라질 2014 – North Korea Wins The Group Stage On World Cup – 북조선 [ Subtitles 자막 ]

Mark Forster Feat. Sido – Au Revoir (WM Version)

The IPhone 6 Model Revealed

I always wonder how the new IPhone generation will look like, but this time I am not so sure if what this video shows is, what I expected. Check for yourself.

IPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display!

This is impressive. I am quite sure, that this is a legit demonstration. Have a look. A nearly unbreakable display glass for the new upcoming apple iphone 6? Yes, I think it is.

Kid Makes A Rap Song In 30 Seconds. Apparently, Hip Hop Is Easy.

This little guy shows how to create a hip hop song in 30 seconds. Quite gangsta stuff if you ask me. Is rap really that simple?? Noooo

Oj On The Run: The Bronco Chase

Do you remember this weird incident? How can one be so strange. What was O.J. Simpson thinking in this moment? I can’t stand the stupidity.

Battlefield 4: Bulldog Assault Rifle – Dragon`s Teeth Waffenguide (LA-4K)

Vor kurzem gab es ein neues Update für die CTE, “Community Test Environment” Version von Battlefield 4 und seitdem können wir die Dragon`s Teeth DLC Waffen anspielen. Heute habe ich für euch die SRSS Bulldog aus dem Assault Rifle Segment mit am Start.